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Makeup Accessories

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    1. Botanical Brush Cleaner 118ml/4oz
    2. Botanical Brush Cleaner 118ml/4oz

      This cleaner removes buildup of grime makeup & oil. Keeps brushes soft pure to optimize performance & durability. Reduces risk of brush-related...

    3. RM83.00
    1. Eyeshadow Brush -
    2. Eyeshadow Brush -

      A thumbnail shaped brush. Helps sweep eyeshadow to entire eyelid. Delivers right amount of product. Made of pony hair.

    3. RM82.00
    1. Slant Tweezer - Midnight Sky -
    2. Slant Tweezer - Midnight Sky -

      The famous & finest tweezer for grabbing hair. Perfectly aligned hand filed stainless steel tips. Guarantees perfect tweezing effect in one stroke....

    3. RM101.00
    1. Retractable Precision Face Brush -
    2. Retractable Precision Face Brush -

      An angled retractable face brush. . Fits the contours of face perfectly. . Provides precise application & medium-to-full coverage. . Made with...

    3. RM119.00
    1. GloTools - Fan Brush -
    2. GloTools - Fan Brush -

      A fine brush for applying blush bronze & shimmer. Perfect for highlighting & shading. Made of the finest natural hair bristles . Features a...

    3. RM74.00
    1. Les Pinceaux De Chanel Large Tapered Blending Brush #19 -
    2. Les Pinceaux De Chanel Large Tapered Blending Brush #19 -

      A professional blending brush. Designed for applying shadow bronzer or powder on the eyes. Features a wide rounded shape . Made of natural &...

    3. RM191.00
    1. Les Pinceaux De Chanel Small Angled Eyeshadow Brush #23 -
    2. Les Pinceaux De Chanel Small Angled Eyeshadow Brush #23 -

      An angled-shaped eye shadow brush. Provides a rapid & even application of cream eye shadow. Can be used on the eyelid or along the lashline. Made...

    3. RM191.00
    1. Double Ended Shaping Brush -
    2. Double Ended Shaping Brush -

      This brush is made of finest quality of hair. Plush large-angled side provides sweeping color from lash to brow. While firm small-angled side...

    3. RM130.00
    1. Glominerals GloTools Ultra Brush
    2. Glominerals GloTools Ultra Brush

    3. from RM166
      from 2 stores
    1. Blush Brush -
    2. Blush Brush -

      An ultra-soft dome-shaped blush brush. Designed for infusing cheeks with a naturally rosy glow. Made of Natrafil® filaments that allow for easy &...

    3. RM94.00
    1. GloTools - Blender Brush -
    2. GloTools - Blender Brush -

      This brush is ideal for either bronzer application or all-over blending. Made of the finest natural hair bristles . Equipped with long-lasting high...

    3. RM139.00
    1. Face Brush -
    2. Face Brush -

      A black goat hair kabuki-style brush. Features rounded edges & a gently cut angled head. Allows fuller coverage on the planes of face. Short handle...

    3. RM220.00
    1. Finishing Brush -
    2. Finishing Brush -

      Made of both natural goat hairs & synthetic fibers. Picks up & gently buffs color onto skin. Allows buildable even color application . Use with...

    3. RM229.00
    1. Ultimate Foundation Brush 2.8g/0.1oz
    2. Ultimate Foundation Brush 2.8g/0.1oz

      Blunt-cut brush head design for light application. Perfect for applying Natural Mineral Foundation. Diminishes appearance of fine lines & minor...

    3. RM188.00
    1. Round Eye Contour Brush -
    2. Round Eye Contour Brush -

      Specially crafted to apply just the right amount of color to eyelids. . Ensures easy blending & highlighting. . With soft bristles that mildly...

    3. RM188.00
    1. Handy Buki Brush -
    2. Handy Buki Brush -

      Made of the finest quality goat's hair. Easy to carry around . Provides a fast & controlled application of bareMinerals over face as well as...

    3. RM87.00
    1. Heavenly Blush Brush -
    2. Heavenly Blush Brush -

      Features a unique flat head brush. Allows you to buff blush onto the apples of cheeks. Provides exceptional coverage & flawless application. Boasts...

    3. RM105.00
    1. Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler
    2. Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler

    3. from RM43
      from 1 store
    1. Eye Contour Brush -
    2. Eye Contour Brush -

      Flat brush with a tapered contour. Helps sweep color into crease of eye lid. Gives eyes a lift at the outside corner of eye lid. Hand crafted from...

    3. RM79.00
    1. GloMinerals GloTools Eye Contour Brush
    2. GloMinerals GloTools Eye Contour Brush

    3. from RM48
      from 2 stores
    1. Super Powder Brush -
    2. Super Powder Brush -

      Dense brush for light coverage. Ideal for use with Mineral Rice Setting Powder or Natural Mineral Foundation. Expertly crafted with natural Super...

    3. RM126.00
    1. Crease Defining Brush -
    2. Crease Defining Brush -

      Perfectly sweep color onto crease. Leaves a flawless coverage easily. Made of quality hair. Allows professional makeup effects.

    3. RM119.00
    1. Synthetic Angle Brush -
    2. Synthetic Angle Brush -

      Specially shaped to give you a natural-looking brow. Helps frame up your facial features . Made of Sable hair. Easy to fill-in & shape your brows.

    3. RM94.00
    1. Flawless Application Face Brush -
    2. Flawless Application Face Brush -

      This soft-tapered bristles evenly distribute makeup over face. Can be used to swirl tap & buff powder. Leaves a flawless finish every time. Made of...

    3. RM112.00
    1. Light Stroke Brush -
    2. Light Stroke Brush -

      This smooth dome-shaped brush. Assists in softening deep shadows. Blends & adds lift to several areas of the face. Gives a professional make-up...

    3. RM94.00
    1. The Sponge Cloth 10 x 10 inches
    2. The Sponge Cloth 10 x 10 inches

      An ultra-soft hygienic cleansing towel. Gentle enough for most sensitized skin. Effectively removes residues of cleansers . Made from...

    3. RM112.00
    1. GloTools - Eye Blender Brush -
    2. GloTools - Eye Blender Brush -

      A versatile long hair brush with medium dome. Designed for all over blending or applying color all over the lids. Made of the finest natural hair...

    3. RM94.00
    1. Sculpting Brush -
    2. Sculpting Brush -

      A small flat headed dense brush. . Can be used to apply eye products such as primers or for concealing. . Evenly spreads a small amount of liquid...

    3. RM114.00
    1. Concealer Brush -
    2. Concealer Brush -

      This brush is made of soft finest hairs. Works well with Chantecaille concealer foundation stick & foundation. Features an ivory wooden handle....

    3. RM195.00
    1. Full Coverage Kabuki Brush -
    2. Full Coverage Kabuki Brush -

      Firm full tapers soft brush. Gives incredibly full coverage for face & body. Made of quality hair. Allows professional makeup effects.

    3. RM150.00
    1. Bronzer Brush - Travel Length -
    2. Bronzer Brush - Travel Length -

      This brush is handcrafted from pure black goat hair. Short handle offers optimum control. Full round bristles accentuates natural tan. Gently...

    3. RM262.00
    1. GloTools - Lip Definer -
    2. GloTools - Lip Definer -

      A lip brush for velvety-soft lip color application. Made of the finest natural hair bristles . Developed with acute precision for ideal control &...

    3. RM87.00
    1. The Handi Brush -
    2. The Handi Brush -

      Designed for applying base blush bronzer & shimmer powders. Hand crafted with soft high quality goat hair. Dusts perfect amount of product & evenly...

    3. RM188.00
    1. Laura Mercier Angled Eye Colour Brush - Long Handled
    2. Laura Mercier Angled Eye Colour Brush - Long Handled

    3. from RM159
      from 1 store
    1. Cheek Colour Brush - Travel Length -
    2. Cheek Colour Brush - Travel Length -

      A natural-hair brush with medium sculpted brush head. Squirrel hair provides softness in application. While goat hair offers durability. Perfectly...

    3. RM280.00
    1. Heavenly Face Brush -
    2. Heavenly Face Brush -

      This brush is made of finest quality of hair. Ultra soft & plush. Silky blunt-cut large brush head gives light application of color. Helps float...

    3. RM141.00
    1. Angle Liner/ Brow Brush -
    2. Angle Liner/ Brow Brush -

      Flat angled head brush for defining brows & lining eyes. Made with Taklon bristles for firm yet soft application. Expertly crafted with a slim...

    3. RM61.00
    1. GloTools - Smudge Brush -
    2. GloTools - Smudge Brush -

      Designed for applying eyeliner & eye shadow near lash line. Allows blending & contouring for a smoky effect. Made of the finest natural hair...

    3. RM57.00
    1. Brow Definer Brush -
    2. Brow Definer Brush -

      A synthetic flat angled brush. Fine tip accurately sweeps on pigment. Grooms each brow hair in right place. Uses it for perfect application of Brow...

    3. RM162.00
    1. GloTools - Mini Crease Brush -
    2. GloTools - Mini Crease Brush -

      Has a more precise tip for smaller eyes. Allows easy contour in the eye crease . Uses wet to accentuate liner or to highlight. Made of the finest...

    3. RM92.00
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