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    1. Printed Knitted Instant Hijab
    2. Printed Knitted Instant Hijab

      The abstract pattern on this hijab will add a graphic element to your attire that will easily breathe life into a tired ensemble. The soft quality... Printed Knitted Instant Hijab

    3. RM117.00
    1. Stone Border Hijab
    2. Stone Border Hijab

      Plain jersey scarf with an intricate stone and crystal work border, designed to add a subtle sophistication to every outfit. Fabric Name Knitted... Stone Border Hijab

    3. RM117.00
    1. Cotton Knit Jewelled Sheila
    2. Cotton Knit Jewelled Sheila

      Basic cotton scarves are glammed up with pretty colourful gems on the rear end. These modest scarves can be matched with a variety of outfits and... Cotton Knit Jewelled Sheila

    3. RM117.00
    1. Poly-Silk Lace Hijab
    2. Poly-Silk Lace Hijab

      The smooth, soft and graceful look is derived from the poly-silk fabric used. It is further enhanced with intricate gold lace and stone work. Don... Poly-Silk Lace Hijab

    3. RM147.00
    1. Georgette Floral Print Scarves
    2. Georgette Floral Print Scarves

      Floral prints on these sheilas make it in vogue and fashionable. The flowery prints are broken up with panels of self-colour. These georgette... Georgette Floral Print Scarves

    3. RM117.00
    1. Striped Ready-To-Wear Hijab
    2. Striped Ready-To-Wear Hijab

      Cotton knit scarves that have the trendy print of stripes on a portion. It is incorporated with the cut-n-sew style that makes it an essential... Striped Ready-To-Wear Hijab

    3. RM87.00
    1. White Beaded Scarves
    2. White Beaded Scarves

      Bright, bold coloured georgette scarves that have a smattering of gems across them. It forms the ultimate occasion wear as they have an array of... White Beaded Scarves

    3. RM147.00
    1. Pearl And Stone Border Jersey Hijab
    2. Pearl And Stone Border Jersey Hijab

      Knitted cotton stretch fabric with a detailed matching pearl and stone designed border. Adds the right amount of glamour to your evening looks!... Pearl And Stone Border Jersey Hijab

    3. RM117.00
    1. Sleek Crystal Border Jersey Hijab
    2. Sleek Crystal Border Jersey Hijab

      Single line Stone border on three sides of knitted stretch hijab. This absolute Kashkha essential, goes well with your everyday formal as well as... Sleek Crystal Border Jersey Hijab

    3. RM87.00
    1. Stone Bordered Crepe Instant Hijab
    2. Stone Bordered Crepe Instant Hijab

      This light crepe instant hijab features a simple and elegant border with four lines of macthing crystals. The smooth fabric is perfect to create a... Stone Bordered Crepe Instant Hijab

    3. RM87.00
    1. Bright Coloured Gem Hijab
    2. Bright Coloured Gem Hijab

      Purple and brown scarves that are ideal for casual outings. These hijabs are enhanced with fancy, bright coloured gems and stones towards the... Bright Coloured Gem Hijab

    3. RM117.00
    1. Jewelled Rhinestone Hijab
    2. Jewelled Rhinestone Hijab

      Gorgeous red and navy ready to wear jersey hijabs are perfect for all ocassions. They are further enhanced with colored stone work at varied places... Jewelled Rhinestone Hijab

    3. RM117.00
    1. Shimmer Jersey Instant Hijab
    2. Shimmer Jersey Instant Hijab

      Shimmer jersey hijab from our ready to wear collection adorned with a pearl & rhinestone border adding the extra bling to your outfits. Designed to... Shimmer Jersey Instant Hijab

    3. RM147.00
    1. Allover Stone Design Hijab
    2. Allover Stone Design Hijab

      A poly crepe hijab with a very casual design of stones all over giving it a very young look and easy to compliment your casual outfits. Fabric Name... Allover Stone Design Hijab

    3. RM117.00
    1. Cotton paisley scarf
    2. Cotton paisley scarf

      Soft cotton viscose scarf with paisley print Fabric Name Cotton Composition Cotton Viscose Color Beige, Black, Mustard, Old Rose, Khaki, Brown Size... Cotton paisley scarf

    3. RM57.00
    1. Stone Bordered Jersey Hijab
    2. Stone Bordered Jersey Hijab

      Matching intricate rhinesone pattern border on cotton jersey hijab. Adds the perfect amount of bling to your occasional ensemble! Fabric Name... Stone Bordered Jersey Hijab

    3. RM117.00
    1. Double Layer Chiffon Hijab
    2. Double Layer Chiffon Hijab

      A double-face ombré chiffon hijab featuring a dreamy patterned border of matching rhinestones and pearls giving it a very luxurious and elegant... Double Layer Chiffon Hijab

    3. RM267.00
    1. Essentials - Plain Jersey Hijab
    2. Essentials - Plain Jersey Hijab

      An absolute wardrobe essential. These soft and comfortable jersey hijabs, are made from the finest cotton sporting a rhinestone embedded Kaskha... Essentials - Plain Jersey Hijab

    3. RM57.00
    1. French Lace Border Hijab
    2. French Lace Border Hijab

      An alex jersey hijab with a gorgeous thick french lace border adorned with a lines of matching rhinestones giving the right amount of bling to your... French Lace Border Hijab

    3. RM147.00
    1. Panel Lace Work Hijab
    2. Panel Lace Work Hijab

      Pastel and dark shade hijabs have been created with a number of panels. They also have a bit of lace work for an added style statement. They can be... Panel Lace Work Hijab

    3. RM117.00
    1. Polyester Sequin Work Hijab
    2. Polyester Sequin Work Hijab

      Beautiful, light-weight polyester fabric scarves that are available in summer colours. To up the style factor, the hijabs have been fitted with... Polyester Sequin Work Hijab

    3. RM147.00
    1. Cut-N-Sew Style Hijab
    2. Cut-N-Sew Style Hijab

      These cotton knit scarves have a unique touch with the cut-n-sew pattern. It depicts a leafy print sewn together with diamonds and joined with a... Cut-N-Sew Style Hijab

    3. RM117.00
    1. Silk & Lace Combination Scarves
    2. Silk & Lace Combination Scarves

      Flattering spring coloured scarves in poly-silk material. The silk gives it a classy appeal and the lace cut-outs add a vintage appeal. They can be... Silk & Lace Combination Scarves

    3. RM147.00
    1. Knit Stone-Work Hijab
    2. Knit Stone-Work Hijab

      Elegant cotton knit sheila that is embellished with pretty white stone work. It has a sleek finishing and the work gives it a glamorous appeal.... Knit Stone-Work Hijab

    3. RM117.00
    1. Ready To Wear Instant Hijab
    2. Ready To Wear Instant Hijab

      Ready-to-Wear, plain jersey Instant hijab with 2 line rhinestone border. Very easy-to-drape, made using high quality jersey of a good width for... Ready To Wear Instant Hijab

    3. RM117.00
    1. Pearl Studded Square Hijab
    2. Pearl Studded Square Hijab

      A square shape poly crepe hijab with a pattern of matching rhinestones and pearls allover the surface of the fabric. The pairs of stones and pearls... Pearl Studded Square Hijab

    3. RM57.00
      RM87.00 -34%
    1. Rhinestone Border Instant Shawl
    2. Rhinestone Border Instant Shawl

      Cotton jersey instant hijab with an intricate and gorgeous rhinestone design border. This hijab is easy to slip on and ready to wear, simple design... Rhinestone Border Instant Shawl

    3. RM117.00
    1. Italy Jersey With Stone Border
    2. Italy Jersey With Stone Border

      Gorgeous patterned rhinestones adorn the border of this soft italy jersey fabric giving you an exquisite look making this a must for the fashion... Italy Jersey With Stone Border

    3. RM117.00
    1. Soft Jersey With Pearls
    2. Soft Jersey With Pearls

      A 6" border of stunning patterned crystal and pearls adorn one edge of this luxurious and superior fabric gives you an exquisite & opulant look.... Soft Jersey With Pearls

    3. RM117.00
    1. Essentials - Solid Georgette
    2. Essentials - Solid Georgette

      Another stunner thatíÊs a must have for every hijabi! Made of poly georgette with a rough and crisp finish. Create a loose or layered hijab... Essentials - Solid Georgette

    3. RM57.00
    1. Textured Knit Hijab
    2. Textured Knit Hijab

      Knitted with a soft acrylic material, this hijab has a crocheted texture and is sure to dazzle with the weaves. Super easy to drape and apt for a... Textured Knit Hijab

    3. RM117.00
    1. Chiffon Maxi Scarf
    2. Chiffon Maxi Scarf

      A lightweight and comfortable maxi chiffon scarf with 6 lines of elegantly patterned mathcing rhinestones across the length. The maxi size gives it... Chiffon Maxi Scarf

    3. RM117.00
    1. Vintage Style Hijab
    2. Vintage Style Hijab

      Grey and cream hijabs that have a vintage polka dot style that are simple, elegant and fashionable. Fabric Name Knitted Composition 95% Rayon 5%... Vintage Style Hijab

    3. RM117.00
    1. Crystal Border Jersey Hijab
    2. Crystal Border Jersey Hijab

      Simple two-line stones on three borders of Knitted Cotton hijab. This absolute Kashkha essential, goes well with your everyday formal as well as... Crystal Border Jersey Hijab

    3. RM87.00
    1. Studded Lace Border Instant Hijab
    2. Studded Lace Border Instant Hijab

      This poly crepe instant hijab, features a sleek black french lace enhanced with a design of black studs running across the border which adds a... Studded Lace Border Instant Hijab

    3. RM117.00
    1. Double Face Georgette Hijab
    2. Double Face Georgette Hijab

      Our poly gerogette hijabs are luxuriously lightweight and easy to style. The double layer and different shades makes it Ideal to pair with your... Double Face Georgette Hijab

    3. RM117.00
    1. Jersey Hijab With Scattered Crystals
    2. Jersey Hijab With Scattered Crystals

      Superior Cotton jersey fabric dotted with matching rhinestones and pearls on the entire width of the hijab. The rich effect makes it perfect for... Jersey Hijab With Scattered Crystals

    3. RM117.00
    1. Alex Jersey Instant Hijab
    2. Alex Jersey Instant Hijab

      An alex jersey ready to wear hijab with an array of matching rhinestones and pearls to add that extra bling for your evening outfits. Designed to... Alex Jersey Instant Hijab

    3. RM117.00
    1. Long-Wide Cover Ups
    2. Long-Wide Cover Ups

      Extremey long and wide black and white hijabs that flow down to the waist. The sheilas are great for any ocassion as they have a bright, gold... Long-Wide Cover Ups

    3. RM117.00
    1. Ombre Stretch Instant Hijab
    2. Ombre Stretch Instant Hijab

      Ready to wear shaded jersey hijab, stylish and inspiring at the edge. Its simply casual, easy to wear and extremely comfortable. Fabric Name... Ombre Stretch Instant Hijab

    3. RM57.00
      RM87.00 -34%
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