Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 (Xbox One)

Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 (Xbox One)

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    Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 (Xbox One)

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    Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One)

  • Grand Theft Auto 5 (Xbox One)

    Grand Theft Auto 5 (Xbox One)


Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 (Xbox One) Review

When it comes to GTA games, there’s no doubt that the latest installments managed to leave serious imprints into the fabric of video gaming as a whole. Each Grand Theft Auto game is able to come up with something new, and Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 (Xbox One) makes no exception.


The game was launched initially for the seventh gen consoles, but the launch of the eight generation consoles brings these users face to face with a dramatically improved version of the original game.



The new consoles are able to work with Full HD resolutions. Unfortunately, Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 (Xbox One) is not able to go up over the 900p limit and it will remain there. However, both consoles will have the 30fps standard imposed, as Rockstar considered it would be unproductive to try and push for 60fps limits. There is much debate over these issues, but things are already set by the developers. Other than that, you should know that even with such settings, the installation files will be a behemoth for the console, requiring somewhere around 50GB of free space.



The Online mode of the Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 (Xbox One) is going to be improved, so that 30 players will be able to get into the same room at once. The currently saved missions and playlists will be imported, with both the good and the bad of them. There are also many more things added into the offline version of the game, such as special vehicles, including the Marshall Monster Truck and the classic menace of GTA III, the Dodo airplane. There’s a lot of special content of this kind to be discovered, but it won’t be publicly announced by the developers.



Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 (Xbox One) comes with physical and graphical improvements, as well. Graphics is a big part of games nowadays and Rockstar decided to completely remodel lighting and make it look even more realistic than before. Weather is also improved and the damage models are more detailed, thanks to the capacity of the consoles. The issue of an empty world is also addressed now, as much more traffic will roam the streets of Los Santos and its surroundings, bringing the game to life. The same technical and visual upgrades will allow eight gen console players to enjoy greater draw distances.



There have been debates over discounts offered to those who already have the game, but it seems that this “upgrade” variant is not a thing. However, those who play on their consoles at the moment will have one chance to transfer their content, both offline and online, into the new Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 (Xbox One) game and continue from where they left. Besides this, for those who decide to preorder the game instead of waiting for launch day, there are various bonuses included, such as $1 million in virtual cash which is split between the offline and online accounts.

  • Pros:
    Overhauled experience Improved graphics Redimensioned online mode
  • Cons:
    No special offer for owners of the game game locked at 900p
Our score:
5 / 5

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