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Snorkel and Masks

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    1. FINIS Snorkel Dry Top
    2. FINIS Snorkel Dry Top

      Snorkel Dry-Top - For Swimmer's Snorkel Patented design helps keep your snorkel free of water. * When submerging under the water a small buoy... More

    3. RM72.66
    1. FINIS Snorkel Cardio Cap
    2. FINIS Snorkel Cardio Cap

      Cardio Cap Fits on top of any FINIS snorkel (except the Learn-to-Swim Snorkel) to restrict air flow for increased cardiovascular conditioning More

    3. RM26.16
    1. Junior Swimmer's Snorkel
    2. Junior Swimmer's Snorkel

      Swimmer's Snorkel JR At its most basic level the Swimmer's Snorkel allows athletes of any ability to swim at normal and much slower speeds with... More

    3. RM200.53
    1. Replacement Head Bracket - Adult/Jr
    2. Replacement Head Bracket - Adult/Jr

      Replacement Snorkel Head Bracket For use on any FINIS snorkel except the Learn-to-Swim Snorkel A seperate Neoprene headbracket is available for the... More

    3. RM55.22
    1. Replacement Purge Valve - Adult/Jr
    2. Replacement Purge Valve - Adult/Jr

      Replacement Purge Valve - Swimmer's Snorkel For use on Swimmer's Snorkel only Do not use on the Learn-to-Swim or Freestyle Snorkel A seperate purge... More

    3. RM26.16